Now All the fun in EBOOK format! Announcing my new EBOOK- “KICKSTART ART AT HOME”

I am delighted to announce my first ” EBOOK” – KICKSTART ART AT HOME -introducing ART to young kids at home with 40+ engaging art activities. This ebook is a compilation of some old and new ideas from my blog. My blogging journey began while searching for relevant kids activities for my then 2 years old. I searched, pinned and cataloged many ideas and started introducing ART to my daughter with daily, weekly art activities, observation drawing, crafts and fun science. Over the years, I have a 5 year old blog, numerous pictures capturing those fun moments and many ideas to share with other parents.

All these ideas and our experiences are available to you in this easy to use Ebook-
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KICKSTART ART AT HOME . Available for download right away!!!

Price: $7.99

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My Artful journey with my kids are based on a core idea- BONDING. So, we commonly say-Art time = bonding time. Being a mother of two has given me great exposure to being with kids and my creative background( as a Designer) has helped me design activities around children. This E-Book brings both my strong points together. Mom + creativity.



This book helps you plan and conduct engaging art activities at home with your kids. The activities mentioned in the book are easy to do and uses materials easily available at home. All the activities include pictures during the activities, setup and end products.  There are “Handy Mom Recipes” and “Handy Mom tips” given on each page. You can also prepare homemade art supplies which are included throughout the book. There are 40+ Open ended art activities for young kids (2-6 years). Open ended activities means that every time you pick up an activity, you will end up getting different results. So, This book gets used over and over again with different age groups!

Here is a Sample page from the book!


The book is divided into 4 chapters for the convenience of the readers. The chapters are- Exploring Art techniques, Homemade art supplies , Inspired by Famous artists and Display Art.  The first chapter covers various art techniques like-printing, stamping, crayon resist, doodling, collage making and many more in a kid- friendly manner.In “Homemade Art Supplies‟, I have given ideas and tested recipes for creating art supplies from everyday ingredients found in every household. “Inspired by Famous Artists‟ is a small step towards Art appreciation. Even little kids can appreciate Great Masterpieces. I have included some links to great artists and their astonishing artworks which can be discussed before initiating these activities. “Display Art‟ is a fun way you can adorn the artwork created by your kids in and around the house. These are the perfect beginnings to future projects which you will do together.




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Still Not convinced? Watch this video trailer of my EBook.