Free Printable: Monster design lab activity

The first Printable from Art Play . As my “getting back to blogging gift” to you. I am offering this FREE printable: Monsters design lab. If your child is into monsters like mine are they will love this fun printable resource.
The Monster design sheets are designed to spark imagination with a dash of math skill, learning about body parts. This free printable is available for download at the end of this post.


The kids can use this printable to design their monsters on paper or with play doh. This is my earlier post about play doh monsters .
So you get an idea.
The printable is simple. Each kid can take this printable sheet and use the checklist to describe their own monster. šŸ˜€

play doh monster printable
play doh monster printable

Today I am sharing a fun activity along with a free printable- MONSTER DESIGN LAB.

Its a great way to learn about body parts for kids. We will be designing our own monsters with play dough or making a fun monster drawing using this Free printable : Monster Design Lab printable.

You can go through my earlier post about play dough monsters.

This fun printable is extension of the same activity. Kids can name their monster, write about its characteristics and also make a rough sketch of the monster. You can use this printable in two ways.
First is to turn the sketch into a play dough figure. For this, we setup a MONSTER DESIGN STATIONĀ with goggly eyes, pipe cleaners and beads.

Second way is to use this printable as a drawing prompt and sketch out our monster design and colour it in.

Here is a glimpse on this printable. Firstly, kids will fill in the name of their monster. It can be a witty name like- yig, vin, tiss etc.

IĀ have given spaces to fill in detail information about the monsters characteristics- Scary, friendly, funny or cute. Then kids can fill in other details about the monster- colour, number of eyes, mouth, legs, arms, ears etc. and lastly there is space for a rough sketch of the monster. Here are some little monster graphics on the printable to inspire the kids.

This printable is available for download in PDF format. You can print it on an A4 or letter size sheet. This Printable is FREE for home and office use.

Download here for Free: MONSTER DESIGN LAB

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Monster Design lab (45 downloads)

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