Tricolour toy sort: Republic day special #republicday2016

tricolour-sort22Here is a fun game and activity for kids( 2-5years) to do at home for Indian Republic Day.

We used the three colours in Indian Flag- Orange, White and Green. Here is what you will need to create a similar game for kids at home.

Its a great activity to reinforce colour for kids from 2-5yrs. There are two parts for this activity- Scavenger Hunt  and Toy Sort.


Firstly the kids can run around the house/ look into their toy box for toys in these three colours- Orange, White, Green. You can make it more fun by adding a timer. Once the toys are collected in one place. then its time for the second part of this activity.

Here are some common toys in these colours- toy cars, balloons, balls, sharpeners, markers, game pawns, figurines- panda for white, blocks etc)




  • Coloured Sheets( Orange, white and green)
  • Toys collected during Scavenger hunt.


Place the three coloured sheets side by side. In the order- orange, white and green. Place all the toys in the centre i.e on the white sheet. Now, kids can sort out the toys all place it on the respective colours. White toys will remain on the white. You can also add a timer for added fun.

republic day activity for kids
republic day activity for kids

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*Indian Republic day is celebrated on the 26th January.

TRICOLOUR TOY SORT: Republic Day special.

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