#Backtoschool Homemade No-sew costumes for kids

diy costumes for kids

Costumes and pretend play comes naturally to kids. Give them a piece of silk and they can wear it in 10 different ways- from fairy wings to capes. Their imagination leads them to spin stories from a piece of fabric. I love to play along. Whenever there is an opportunity to make a fun thing or two from available material at home. I take up the challenge. So today, I am sharing with you some fun costumes, we have made at home using material available to home. I like the touch of homemade costumes better than the mundane store rented ones. Here are some ideas to inspire you for nifty costumes you can make for your kids for competitions/dress up for schools.


1) Crab costume

crab costume

Crab costume was also one of the easiest costume, I made for my daughter for ‘Ocean day’ at school. You can read more about it here. DIY Crab costume

2) Hickory Dickory dock costume

diy hickory dickory dock costume

This was for the Nursery Rhythm day at school. You can read more about it here. Hickory Dickory Dock Costume

3) Cat in the hat costume


This is one of my favorite project in DIY costumes. I added lots of details in this costume like the fish in the bowl, the black tail and No-sew bow. You can read more about it here. DIY No sew Cat in the Hat costume

4) Statue of liberty costume

diy statue of liberty

This was for the ‘best of waste’ show at school. I think I did a good job at making everything in this costume with plastic waste.

You can read more about it here. DIY Statue of Liberty costume



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