4 ways to use shaving foam in play

Shaving foam on table is a fun sensory experience for kids. The foamy shaving foam smells great too.

Everyday play can be made fun and exciting using materials found around the house. Somedays we use flour to make cloud dough, pulses to make small worlds or pasta to make pasta necklaces. Today, we used a fun sensory experience with shaving foam. earlier too, I have used shaving foam with sea shells and shaving foam cupcakes.

This one is even more simpler and more playful. My toddler (2) and my M (6) both love to play with the shaving foam.

1) Shaving foam on table


I let them squeeze out some shaving foam onto a portable folding table. Its so handy plus both of them can sit on the floor and the size is just right for both of them to have parallel play. With kids of different ages, there are very less available options when it comes to co-play. It shouldn’t be too complicated, no small parts and also not to simple!

I found this activity just right for my kiddos. Highly recommended for all ages.

2) Shaving foam with sea shells


Shaving foam’s smoothness on the natural texture of the shells, a perfect sensory experience. Its hard to explain how it fells but its one of the very beautiful sensory experience. In my view, you must try it yourself too. You can read more about it here.

3) Shaving foam cupcakes


My daughter has always been a big fan of pretend play. This has huge hit with her. She loved to turn foamy shaving foam into cupcakes for play. You can also fill shaving foam in a piping bag and squeeze out shaving foam to make these fun cupcakes.

You can read more about it here.

4) Shaving foam paints


My son (2) particularly enjoy this activity. He loves to get messy and paint windows with shaving foam. It easy to mix some tempera paints into shaving foam. You can use a muffin tin to divide the shaving foam into different sections and ad different colours to them. You can also use them as bath paints.



kids activities india
kids activities india


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