Summer crafting : Fusible beads fun

Its summer time and I have been making a long list of things to do with my daughter who have now turned 6! There is so much I want to say about her. but here I will quickly jump to the point and share this fun craft of fusible beads.
Where can you find them? 
In US and around the world they are sold by popular brands like perler beads or Hama beads. In India you can get them online on amazon or flipkart under Fusable beads.
How to use them? 
Just lay in your design on the frames which comes in the kit. Use butter-paper on top  and iron over it. Butter-paper is usually inclosed in the kit itself. The heat fuses the beads together and you get beautiful patterns.
What you can make with it?
You can make fun coaster, badges, pendants and so much more. Search the web and you will find excellent ideas around them.

 There are some fun things we made with them.
  • Changeable pendants
  • Coasters
  • Badges
  • A hanging solar system!
Sky is limit to what you can do with them.
Is it apt for younger kids? 
I haven’t tried with my 2 year old coz I am scared that he will eat it. I think 4+ kids can work there way around them. Happy crafting!


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