Pond small world play

This pond small world way is excellent for summers. We have also used a commonly available ingredient from kitchen to make edible water beads which looks like tiny frog eggs.
You can make two version of this easy pond small world.

One is with water and other with edible water beads.

Version one-
Tiny frogs from toys
Foam sheets to make floating leaves.
Ice ( optional)
A round or rectangular container.

Version two-
Frog toys
Foam sheets to make floating leaves
And magic water beads( all about them in this post)

The edible water beads- Any Indian household will have these or you can easily source them from local Indian store. These are called Sabja seeds(chia seeds). They are tiny black seeds which when summerged in water get a gelatinous Coting. They expand and can be colored with food colors.

These are safe for kids under 3. Even if they eat them. Its perfectly healthy. In fact they are used as egg substitutes, by people on diet and in India they are used in desserts and drinks.

So enjoy pouring, plays, filtering them in this tub.
Happy summertime.

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