Book Review: My Little Body Book– Keeping Ourselves Safe by Shruti

“My little Body Book- Keeping ourselves Safe” educates kids and parents about ‘good touch’ and ‘bad touch’. It is a delightful picture book which introduces young children the importance of taking care of their bodies. It touches the very trivial issue of our time- the safety of our kids. 

The Background-

Today children as young as three are subject to sexual abuse. As parents we are clueless how to protect our kids from these malicious minds. They are too young to understand and we don’t have a the right medium to introduce them to appropriate touch and accessing danger. 
Recently, one 6 year old was abused by schools sports teacher during the school hours, at the school premises. It shocked us as parents. I was searching for videos, content to teach my 6 year old about  ” good touch bad touch”. When the publication approached me to review the ” My little Body Book- Keeping ourselves Safe” b

ook by Shruti Singhal. I was very excited. Finally I found a book which addresses the issue of child sexual abuse and demands the introduction of sex education among children.

A word from the Author- 

 My little Body Book- Keeping ourselves Safe” is written by Shruti Singh

al, an alumni of Pearl Academy and published by  Zubaan Books.  Quoting from the author- ” Using the correct terms for private parts just as easily and naturally as you would use the words for other parts of the body, while bathing the child for example, can help to break down the barriers and to promote a healthy attitude towards the body as whole, free of shame or embarrassment.”

Our review- 

My kids aged 6 and 2, found the book to be very attractive. The cute illustrations got them really interested in the book. Even my 2 year old pointed out at some pictures like cars, bubbles etc used to engage kids. My Six year old read it out to the little brother. I think the author h

as done a great job in presenting a taboo topic in a very easily understandable way. The book acts as a conversation starter for daily issues like- hygiene, appropriate greetings, safe touch, acting in a danger situation. As we read each page, me and my daughter discussed these very facts. I would recommend this book as a read aloud or read together book catering to all young children 3-7 years. I think that “My little Body Book- Keeping ourselves Safe” is a wonderful books for concerned parents like me. I would recommend this lovely picture book to all readers with young children. 

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