Hickory dickory dock costume

I have been taking a blogging break and I plan to be back in action. My new phone has enabled me some access to net without been disturbed by my 18months old. More updates on that soon. Here’s sharing a quick DIY hickory dickory dock costume.
The costume has a clock with a mouse who can go up and down and mouse ears. The child can wear a grey T-shirt along it.

The clock: I painted a cardboard box with acrylic paint and used some crayon to add texture on the surface. The top crown and the bottom pegs are pasted on the main cardboard body. They are made up of paper plates. The clock dial is a inverted paper plate. The numbers are some shiny stickers. I taped a ribbon at the back so that M can wear it. Now For the functional mouse which can go up and down. Notice M is holding a mouse with her left hand. She can make it go around the top and bring it down. I had a plastic tie holding the rectangular cardboard piece at the center of the circular dial. It is hidden behind the dial. I pasted the mouse on the top of rectangular piece. I wish I had photograph es the steps and could demonstrate in details.
Mouse ears are simple enough to understand. So that’s it. Our costume is ready. I took me one hour and few minutes to complete this. I am highly productive after my kids are put to bed.

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