Experimenting with various creative media

I have been missing in action for few months now. After my second child, the things have slow down at the blogging front. Meanwhile there are other fronts to conquer. Literally…
I decided to write some new posts about things we have been up to recently. Since my blog theme is about experimenting, why not write about different medium we are trying. M is quite an scientist when it comes to experimenting. Here are few things she came up with during our play sessions.

DIY popup cards ( posted to cousins)
DIY painted pegdolls ( chotta bheem characters)
Water filled in regular balloons ( the giant water balloons)

I particularly liked the big water balloons idea as the baby could also enjoy it with her. She can’t tie the balloon on her own so she invented a new technique of twisting the end. The balloon would sit for some time and then leak water making it even more fun to watch.
You should come and see our pegdolls collections. We are painting more and more everyday.
I will keep you posted on some more experimentations.

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