Peanut Valentine hearts: cracks open with a love note

Valentine day is just around the corner. We made these very cute peanut hearts which cracks open with a love message. These are super easy to make. Read here about tutorials about how to make them and sneak in a love note!

Peanuts are one of our favorite snack specially in winters. Your loved one will be surprised to find a heart shaped peanut and when they crack it open, there is a surprise love message inside!

Well, thats the theme and now moving on to the tutorial. Take a peanut shell and very carefully cut through an slant angle. This will make the half heart. Take out the peanuts. We took out one and while the other is still inside. This will be the surprise snack for the one who gets it.
Now make the other half with a second peanut shell. Now cut it in reverse direction. Join the hearts to see if they match. Your Heart is ready.

Now lets add a fun message inside. How about ” Nuts over you”. Take a strip of paper, write your message. Roll it and place it inside the cavity formed by removing the nut.

Finally join the hearts with a PVA glue applied on the corners.



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