Fun ways to make food interesting for a picky eater

I have been experimenting with food lately. After hearing  Kuch aur khana hai. no roti! from my daughter frequently. Which means that she is too bored with her regular food. This is a challenge and its first week of it. Let see how to begin.

Fundamentals: Presentation
I am starting off by making a creative change to how her meal looks. She goes to preschool for 3 hours in which its compulsory to take meal at school. We do give her a little lunch box for the school bus. There is one of the Bento box I packed for her.

Here are some of the creative lunches-

Weekend breakfast: Milk and Dalia in silicon cupcake, honey loops, apple and jellies

Lunch: Steamed rice, Beetroot, tomato, cucumber, Steamed peas, spinach, cauliflower, pomegranate, curd, red beans in gravy, curd.

Lunch: Chapati, eggplant Bharta and Masur dal( Legume) in silicon cups, Cucumber, Apple and cashew for eyes.

I will keep you posted with the next week meals.
Happy eating.

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