4 Starting with Sewing Projects

Here I am sharing some of the starting sewing projects that got me started with sewing. I have Usha Sewlite sewing machine which I bought from Homeshop 18. This is a very basic machine suitable only for light weight fabrics. I wanted to test the waters before going for a full fledged sewing machine. Good part about this machine is that its light weight and easy to use. Here are some basic projects that I have attempted.

I wish I had recorded the step for each but I was busy getting a hang of the machine! I will try to post soem tutorials soon.
Project 1: Basic drawstring bag for colored pencils. 

Project 2: Name Patch: This is a felt name patch I made for my daughter similar to store bought T-shirt. It can be easily attached to the T-shirt with blind stitch with a needle. You can easy replace it on new T-shirt when the child outgrown it.

Project 3: Patch Work from foam stickers
Quite innovative! I used foam stickers and some felt to create many patchworks like this. The seam should be over these stickers for them to permanently attach on the felt.

Project four: A Banner
I made this SHOP banner for my daughter’s shop pretend play.

Well, thats the start. I hope to post more projects soon.

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