Doreamon and friends pegdolls

My daughter and her friends are a great fan of Doreamon. These Homemade Peg doll were hand painted by us and get played with a lot everyday.

I had set my eyes on the wooden pegdolls for long. Its not easy to find some in India. Fortunately, I had a traveling friend to get the set of 40 wooden pegdolls.
First thing my daughter wanted to try with it was to make a Doreamon Playset with it. They are not perfectly painted but we tried our best to make them as realistic as possible.
We used acylic paints, watercolors, permanent markers-sharpies, Modpodge and few paintbrushes.
The facial features are drawn by me taking reference from a picture downloaded from the net using the permanent markers. M helped me paint the dolls by choosing the colors they wear on the show.
She tried to be as tidy as she could. I think she did a good job with the paints.
Lastly after keeping them out to dry, I put a coating of modpodge. I was very careful as some color specially watercolors started bleeding. To prevent colors from mixing. I painted the blacks togethers and other colors separately.
They were ready to play in 1 hour time. We had fun making houses for them with our blocks and taking them around in a toy bus.

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