Simple Color mixing Challenge

Here I am sharing a very simple activity for kids of all ages. The color mixing challenge is what we named it.

You need-

A ice tray/ muffin tin

Tempera colors( we buy ours from ELC)



A color wheel / color mixing chart ( optional)

A cleaning cloth and art smock

Add small amount of color in the ice tray – Red, Blue, Yellow, black and White. Ask your child to make as many new colors by mixing any 2 or sometimes 3 colors together. The Challenge is to make maximum colors. Let the child interpret the challenge her own way.

The first time I gave this challenge to my daughter. She came up with 5 colors- pale yellow( yellow+ white), Purple ( red+ blue), Orange( Red + yellow) Mustard ( more yellow and less red) and Black( mixing all of them).

I have now challenged her to make more than five next time.

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