DIY Crab costume with household things

Its under the ocean day at M’s school and I had to come up with a DIY costume for any of the sea creatures. This is what we made with almost no spending and a great idea. A DIY Crab costume with household things.

I was searching through M’s wardrobe for ideas. When I found this hoodie. Its perfec color for the crab costume. Now all I needed was two pingpong balls , pipecleaners( chenille sticks), A kid size or adult size glove, Black round stickers or round bindis.

I made tiny holes in the pingpong balls with a help of a pin. I fix the pipecleaners into this holes. And then attached the other end of the pipecleaner onto the hoods. I fixed the pipecleaners with masking tape from the inside of the hood.Next I colored the adult size hand gloves red for the claws.


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