Making Ganesha with homemade playdough

I was looking for a perfect playdough recipe without the magic ingredient- Cream of Tartar. This ingredient is not available in any of the stores near me. I found many blogs with a recipe of making playdough with Koolaid packs. No luck with that also as both of these ingredients are not available in India. Finally I tried the best recipes without using Koolaid or cream of tartar and it is long lasting too. Read our playdough recipe and the scupting fun.

The ingredients for making the playdough without cream of tartar is as follows

1 Cup flour( Maida)
2 Tbsp Oil( vegetable oil)
1-2 drops of food color
1/4 cup salt
1/2 cup water
6 Tbsp of freshly squeezed lemon juice

Mix all dry ingredients in the pan. add water and cook on low flame. Add oil. Keep mixing. Add lemon juice and food coloring. take off from heat when you get a clay like texture.

We made two batches of pink playdough with vanilla essence and chocolate playdough( add cocoa powder) . The playdough is lasting for over a month since then. Its soft and smells amazing.

We used cutters and rollers to make a cookie shop almost everyday. Yesterday we make little Ganesha by using this dough.
Step by step guide-
1) find an inspiring ganeshimage from the net.
2) Roll two balls. one for the body and one for the face.
3) roll a cylinder for the trunk and make two flat discs for the ears. Join these on the face.
4) put the face over the main body. Add two arms and the legs in the sitting position.
5) Add details like the bangles, small balls for eyes, a mouse and flowers near the feet.


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