The Fairies Tea Party: Our Fairy Garden 2013

Last year, We started our family tradition of making a fairy garden to welcome the spring. This year with the new baby coming into our lives. We were busy throughout the spring  we still manage to create a beautiful fairy garden in our window sill garden.

If you are new to my blog, we live in an apartment and hardly got any space for the garden. So we created a magical space in our window sill to explore nature and practice gardening.

Back to our fairy garden, our last year garden won a prize at the fairy garden contest @The Magic Onions. We will be entering the contest this year too.

Here are some pictures of our this year garden. We choose a ceramic pot to create our garden this year.
We called this space ” Fairies tea party”. M and Me found the most cutest dining set for the fairies at a nearby store.

The Magic of fairy garden is yruely enchanting. I suggest you start your own fairy garden with your kids.

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