Making a Cardboard Bridge and a tunnel ( for Thomas train set)

I often push my little one for making things rather than buying them. This is a perfect example of how we can craft and make toys at home without spending a fortune.

She has a Thomas Train set with a farm attachment. She was totally after me to buy her a bridge and a tunnel extension which her cousin had. I told her that a bridge or a tunnel can be easily made at home and she doesn’t need to buy it. For a tunnel I suggesting putting a book in a standing position over her track. The books made a nice tunnel for her trains and the cars. But bridge was a challenge!

So we made these from some cardboard boxes which we were saving in our up-cycle bin. I used some sticky tape and scissors.

We kept the bridge’s height small so that the track could be placed on it.

M helped in decorating the tunnel by making a curtain and a traffic signals for the tunnel. She also made arrows and other drawing on the bridge.

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