5 Simple Fizzly Kitchen experiments for small kids.

Here are some fun kitchen experiments to try with your kids this summer. The fizzle which these reactions cause, thrill the kids. My daughter could play with them for hours.

The first experiment is with water and any analgesic tablet like Disprin or Aspirin.

I used some plastic glasses to help her see through the glass clearly.
Does it fizzle? YES
Second one is Soda and some raisins.
As soon as you add the raisins into the glass full of soda. The raisin began to rise and are surrounded by bubbles.
Does it fizzle? YES
The third experiment is with vinegar and baking soda. A classic experiment!
Does it fizzle? YES
The 4th Experiment is Water + Fruit salt
Fruit salt is used as instant digestive. We used local brand ENO.
Does it fizzle? YES
The 5 th experiment is mixing and combining all materials to find out if it fizzles.
try out combinations like
Water + Baking Powder
Soda + Baking Power
Vinegar+ fruit Salt
We also set up a color mixing lab by adding food colors to our experiments


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