Summer fun: Making suncatchers from lint roller paper

M is having a month long vacation before her school reopens. I am on a work break too. Now when both of us have nothing to do all day, its certainly time for some fun.

I see some wonderful ideas around the web with contact paper on the window. Unfortunately, I can’t find anything like it here in India. I was just browsing through my craft supply drawer and found a roll of lint-roller sheets( with a sticky side, like a tape). This is when the idea struck me.

I pasted some lint roller sheets onto the window with sticky side up. I gave some small bits of colored cellophane paper and some tissue paper squares. M was busy pasting the bits on the lint paper. I made some heart frames from the craft papers and voila! our suncatchers were done.
We also did some painting with the sunlight coming through the glass window.

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