Summer Fun: 3 Do-it-Yourself Outdoor toys

Welcome to the Summer fun at Experimenting-mom. Summer is the time to move outdoor in the cool evenings. But quite recently I have noticed that M doesn’t feel like going outdoors in the evening due to boredom from playing in the same garden each day. To make her play interesting, we created some outdoor toys today which stuff available in our craft drawer.Here are our Three DIY Ideas which are very very simple to make.

1> The paper plate ring toss

We cut out the paper plate into the rings. M painted them with her favorite tempera paints. M recalled a similar project shown on Art attack. She wanted me to make a doll out of a bottle for her to toss the ring at. She remembered the show’s instruction completely. Apart from the stick shown in the picture above, we also made a doll out of a pepsi pet bottle. I will be sharing the details of same in my next post.

A stick works well too. It can be easily hammered into soil and the kids can take turn tossing the rings at the sticks.

 2> Blow the straw rocket
This is another of the simplest idea. All you need in scraps of paper and a straw. Cut a paper into a rectangle. tape the sides to turn into a pipe. Turn one of the ends into a pointed triangle. Secure with sticky tape. You can draw graphic with markers and add a tail.

When ready. all the kids need to do is blow into the straw. Kids can take turn and the winner is the one whose rocket lands the farthest.

3> The Icecream stick helicopter

This third idea requires only a craft stick/ icecream stick and a straw. Secure the straw in the middle of the craft stick with sticky tape. To make the copter fly, just roll between your palms.

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