DIY Ring the doll game

As I mentioned in my earlier post. We made some fun DIY toys for the outdoors. The Fun continued indoor with this DIY doll made from a plastic bottle.

Materials required:
A plastic bottle( a 600ml pet cold drink bottle will do)

Sand ( to fill into the bottle)

Tissue paper/kitchen paper towel

Some craft paper

Tempera paint

face shaped post its

Stick some tissue papers onto the bottle with washable glue covering it from all sides. Allow it to dry. paint it with tempera paints. let the paint dry. Stick some craft paper as arms and make hair. We used Face shaped post it. You can you googly eyes or simply draw the face on the bottle directly.

For the rings, We cut holes into paper plates and painted them in our favourite colour.

How to play: Place the doll on the floor and let kids take turn at throwing the rings at the doll.

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