Raising a Bird lover: 60+ Bird related activities for kids of all ages

We are Bird lovers over here. Check out the tiny birds in my header images. Birds are very important parts of our lives. So we decided to feature some great ideas from all mommies around the world about learning, creating and loving birds with their kids.
Here is a roundup of 45+ bird related activities to do with your kids. It includes making bird feeders, birds and literacy, learning about birds, bird crafts, birds printable and many more.

Bird Feeders that Kids can Make

1.  Birdfeeder from Milk Jugs by ReadingConfetti
2.Bird Seed Feeder by TwoBigTwoLittle
.                    4.Scarecrow Bird Feeder by Crystal’stinytreasures
5.Bird Feeder Kids can make by Kindergartenbasics
6. Bird Cookies by Crystal’stinytreasures
7.Bird Treats by Mynearestanddearest
8.For the Birds by Creativeconnectionsforkids
9.Cheerio Bird Feeders by HappyHooligans
10.How to make a Bird Feeder by Nurturestore  
11. Bird Nest Treats by Livinglifeintentionally
12. Homemade heart bird feeder by Handsonaswegrow
13. Mother’s day bird seed feeder by Plainvanillamom
14. Upcycle bird feeder by Childcentralstation
15.  DIY winter birdfeeders by Firefliesandmudpies
16. Backyad birds by Teachmama

Birds and Literacy


17. Kevin Henkes, Birds and Sock-to by Boymamateachermama
18. Word Birds by Nurturestore

Birds Printables

19. Bird Crafts by Learncreatelove
20. Bird Free Pack by 3Dinosaurs

21.Montessori inspired bird unit by Livingmontessorinow

General Birds Crafts 


22.Birds on a wire by 3Dinosuars
23.Birds in Tree Stamping by 3Dinosuars
24.Bird craft by De-tout-et-de-rein-caroline
25.Sparkly Rainbow flyers crafts by Graham-and-parker
27. Angry Birds eggs craft by Redtedart
28.Pipecleaner Pencil topper bird by Artsycraftsymom
29.Bird Craft class by Artsycraftsymom
30.Exploring Gond style of folk art by Artsycraftsymom
31.Springtime crafts by Mollymoo
32.Handbag Hen craft by Mollymoo
33.Puffins by Housingaforest
34.Rocking robins by Happyhooligans35. Our regal feathered friends by Firefliesandmudpies

36. How to make mardi mask parakeet by Kidscreativechaos

37. Children’s art group making birds nest by Playcreateexplore

Owl Crafts

38. Hand Print Alphabet O for OWL  and 39.  Egg Blowing by Redtedart
 40.Valentine Owl by housingaforest
41.Owl hiding by Kristin-senseofwonder
42. Owls for Kids Craft by KCEadventures

Peacock Crafts

43. Coffee filter peacock by Domesticgoddesque
44.Peacocks by 3Dinosuars

Turkey Crafts

45. Candy Wrapper turkey  and 46.  Book page turkey by Housingaforest

Learning about Birds

47. Bird Watching from Kitchen Window  and 48.  Walk on the wild side by Crystalstinytreasures
51.Penguins by Kidworldcitizen
 52.Dissecting owl pellets by Kidworldcitizen53. Building a birds nest outdoor by Handsonaswegrow

54.Backyard science our very own baby house wrens by Teachmama

55. Birds and critter watching by Childcentralstation

Bird Costumes

56. Dress ups winging it  and 57. Bird mask dress up by Childhood101

Bird decorations

 59.Bird Ornaments by Mynearestanddearest

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– Mansi 


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