DIY Doll’s Laundry Set

Here is our new addition to Pretend play. My 4 year old girl is showing so much interest in pretend play with dolls these days. She is dressing up the dolls, combing their hairs and putting the best hair accessories. We setup an pretend play laundry set for the beautiful doll dresses. They are changing quite many clothes these days!

M was so excited when I told her we are making a little washing machine for the doll clothes. We used an empty laundry detergent box. Since we have a top load machine at home. She didn’t wanted to cut a hole in the middle just like in the front load machines. I gave her a marker and few round stickers to make different parts and buttons of the machine. She also added drinking straw for outlet of water. I quietly listened to her fabulous description of how the water will enter the machine from one point to another. She also described a little “dustbin” for collection of waste.
sticking round stickers for buttons of the washing machine
Next up was the little cupboard for the washed clothes. This was mainly done my me with a help of sticky tape. I used a packaging from the set of wax candle and also made a shelf inside the cupboard. I added two handles cut from the same material as details.
We quickly fetch our toy iron, few clips and rope to dry our clothes and iron them. I tied the rope between two of the chair and our washing line was ready in minutes.
This is was such an easy and wonderful activity. We plan to add a little detergent box to this collection shortly.

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