Santa’s Workshop play scene and letters to Santa.

We  transformed the little reading center of M into a Christmas themed playscene. We started off by setting up the coffee table over the big floor cushion. Next up was the mini christmas tree which we setup every year.

The Santa’s Sleigh

We used a toy reindeer from the animal set, a car base from the mega blocks and a carrier from the Thomas train set. The little Santa is a tree decoration. I used golden string to tie all three together.

The Santa’s Workshop and Little Elves

Santa House is an attachment for Thomas Farm set. To create a festive feel,We put glittery pipecleaner on the edges, cotton for the snow and Alpha stickers for the label.

The Elves are made by using red pipecleaners, smiley pencil toppers and white pompom for the red hats.

Santa’s Workshop: Candies and Toys

The Candy and Toy workstations are made with blocks. The little gifts are made by decorating single blocks with glittery pipecleaners. The little candies are made from two colored pipecleaners.

Writing Letters to Santa

There is a mailing box on which we put labels for SANTA and NORTH POLE. M is writing letters on behalf of all her friends. She then switches role to become the delivery boy for Santa.
I also setup a Mailing kit for M. It Includes-

Letters to santa Printables
Christmas wish list printable
List of friend’s name
A multicolored pen

Enjoy the Christmas Season!


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