Our Garden update and The Garden Classroom Ebook review

With each growing day, we are spending more and more time in our little garden space on our window sill. To confess I have been growing everything from saplings and haven’t actually tried starting out plants from the all natural way – seeds. The New Garden Classroom: 52 kids gardening activities ebook by Cathy@nurture store came as a solution. The book is filled with beautiful garden activities which has motivated us a lot to spend many hours at our small garden space.We found The Garden Classroom: 52 kids gardening activities Ebook extremely helpful with step by step instruction about planting a seed. There is some awesome information on how to sow, how much to water,  pot seed starters and not to forget awesome pictures to go with it.

Reading this ebook makes me realize the amount of quality time you can spend in the garden with your kids not only sowing but painting, making egg heads( as Cathy calls them), decorating, experimenting, learning, writing, creating and eating the fruits of your labor – 52 wonderful Ideas in all. I truly recommend this book to all mothers for making memories with their kids with the help of this Ebook. Just click on this link to get your copy today.

Thank you so much Cathy for inspiring us.

We are looking forward to doing more at our little garden space. Here are some pictures from our garden space for you.

Prize from The Magic Onion Fairy garden contest 2012!

PS: All views expressed in this review are my own. This is not a paid review.


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