Cloud Dough Small Play scene

If you haven’t tried the sensational cloud dough yet. You must. This is our first batch of cloud dough( made at home) and we have already spend hours everyday.
Cloud dough is very simple to make. I added 1cup olive oil to 6 cups of flour to make this natural colored cloud dough. Its almost like little wet sand but so much more smoother. We have already tried making some pies and cake with it and today we tried making a play scene with cloud dough.

Jungle play scene

In a flat dish we added our cloud dough. M leveled the ground. We added the vegetation with some plastic leaves. M added the detailing with pebbles and some assorted decorations. M had this brilliant idea to adding fruit made from play dough to this scene. We made the fruits stand by using raw spaghetti sticks.

Next was the turn for the animals. The Zebras were hiding behind the greens and the tiger could not find them!
We paraded the animals.
Friend-ed them.
Saved them from the tiger.
Made the tiger a vegetarian. 

There were some awesome ideas thrown all around.

Here is a wonderful post by Mommy Labs which got us excited about Cloud dough.

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