Making a Box Diorama

This is our first diorama together. Me and M are quite a team when it comes to making things. Making a diorama was on my list of to do things for a while now . While M was not showing any interest in making a diorama, I thought maybe I will have to wait till she understands the concept. Yesterday, while making art I got the cereal box to our art table. I had already cut a window in the box along with some cardboard fishes from the cereal box.
She was excited when I asked her to paint the box. She chose to paint the outsides black.  She also painted the fishes in various colors.
After the box and the fishes were dry. She decorated the ocean by sticking colored shells and sprinkled some glitter.

Notice the inside decoration of the Diorama. Colored shells and glitter.

She wanted both the fish eyes on the same side and drew a smiley mouth too!
I string the fishes and added a button on the top. I made some slits on the top of the cereal box from which the threads were passed into the diorama. The buttons makes it convenient for moving the fishes and also to position the fishes.

The top view where you can see the button and slits on the boxes.

Here is our artwork from the same day.

Artwork with hand prints, random brush strokes with tempera paints.

Also checkout this beautiful underwater diorama at Learn with play at home.


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