10 Fun Frugal Creative Ideas

This year is a fantastic one. I started my new blog in January and have been clicking away at what we do at home and sharing them here. M and Me are superb team and we are always up to playing games, making games, doing art and so much more. This post is about some fun frugal activities which we invented along the way but didn’t make it to the blog till now. You can see that creativity does not need preparation. 

1) Make a Cardboard Ramp

2) Reuse Dried Paint with Spray bottles

3) Drive around with your toys on a skateboard.

4) Make Art installations at the dining table

5) Make a Flying Copter
To make it fly, Roll it between the palms. 

6) Learn letters on the Light Table

7) Make Ice Sculpture with salt and colored inks

8) Make Self Portrays

9) Make Homemade Ice Lollies

10) Sensory Play with Pulses or grains


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