The Sunday Funday: A long drive in the rain

This Sunday was a super Sunday. I had to make a very important presentation and send by Monday. As the alarm bell rang,  I woke up at 6 am. M and Dad were still asleep. I used this free quite time to finish my work. Its amazing how the morning hours increases your productivity. I was dreading this PPT but could easily manage to finish it in 2 and half hours. phew…
By the time the two were up, I had already planned the day. A day picnic, 2 and half hour drive and packed lunch. And off we were to Lonavala which is around 150 Km from Mumbai. As the Monsoons have reached this part of the country. The mountains and the valley are all drenched in rains. 
This short adventure was truly worth it. Although M didn’t get any chance of opening her camping tent. ( all was wet!) but she was able to manage to open it in the car itself.

Who wants a banana?

We were back by 6pm and ready to start the next week with new zeal and refreshed minds. This Post is part of the series “The Sunday Funday”

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