Kids Get Arty: Rainforest Artwork like Rousseau

This week we are participating at Kids Get Arty over at Red Ted Art. We are inspired by the great artist Henri Rousseau. Henri Rousseau was a french artist who painted Vivid scenery of the Rainforests. He never visited Rainforest in real life. He took inspiration from illustrated books and botanical gardens at Paris to draw beautiful scenes about tropical rainforest.

One of Rousseau’s famous painting

Like Rousseau, We too have never visited Rainforests and our inspiration came from the children encyclopedia featuring animals and fauna of Rainforest.

Our Inspiration

M started out by drawing the leafs, flowers, animals from the inspiration source. We colored them using bright oil pastels.

The Rainforest leaves 

M had already moved to the watercolor paints while I color the remaining leaves and flowers. She took a palette of greens, yellow and red. So tropical!

I love this painting and is my absolute favorite! It feels as if we are in the rainforest painting the spider monkeys, harpy eagles and golden tamarinds. 

Detailing of the painting

This is certainly going up at the wall.


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