The bad-tempered ladybug: Explore the Bugs Box

Making a little bugs box was so much fun. We are exploring discovery boxes and we recently made the butterfly sensory box. This is the second box in the series. The objective of this series is to learn, play, explore through sensory and pretend play activity. 

Have you read the “The Bad tempered Ladybug” by Eric Carle to your kids yet! This box gives you perfect opportunity to enjoy and enact the book through props and characterization.

Here are the contents of the box-
A Recycled box  ( any cardboard box or a basket will work)                                                                                                                                             Pebbles
Natural wood pieces
The Ladybug miniatures (we have the magnetic ladybugs)
Spiders or other bugs 
Lemon Grass (adds green and a lovely fragrance)
A pretend camera ( or a real one if you allow your kids one) 
A magnifying glass ( for observing the details)
A journal/ diary ( for drawing or noting down stuff)
Few Pens/markers ( good to keep them handy) 
A Toad which croaks ( From The Rainforest Cafe)

There is an opportunity for open ended play with science, book reading, art, exploring nature, writing etc. 

Have a Happy time exploring the bugs!

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