A Very hungry caterpillar: Butterfly Multi Sensory Play

Can a sensory play be setup in a small space? Can I create a little box we could indulge my child? This is a post about discovery of simple and more indulging play ideas in a small spaces. I live in a apartment in one of the most expensive cities in the world and naturally my home is comfortable but certainly not luxurious. In past few months, I have shared some ideas to create Children play spaces in little corners of our home. As I learn more, I try more to maximize the use of space. Offer variety of spaces and play ideas to M. 
Pounding over my questions. I found that small boxes, baskets can be converted into a Multi-sensory experience for children with tit-bits laying in our own houses. As a start I gathered a cardboard packaging which came with our new printer. Here is the contents of Butterfly theme sensory play-
Potpourri, plastic butterflies and caterpillars , silk threads, flower wax candles, magnifying glass, a small see-through containers, color pencils and spiral bind notebook. I have also suggested some  butterfly lifecycle printable at the end of the post. 

Exploration and Discovery: 

We did a imaginary exploration and caught the butterflies in the plastic container and observed the butterfly with the magnifying glass. Older kids can illustrate the parts of butterfly and color there butterflies.

 Enacting a story:

We enacted the ERIC CARLE’S A VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR”. The caterpillar eats all days during the week. Finally it eaves a cocoon and then emerge as a beautiful butterfly. 

 Sensory Experience:

A faint fragrance from the Potpourri added to the sensory experience and was a treat for the sense of smell. The Silk yarn added a softness and tickled the sense of touch.

Here is a link to printable book we use to learn about the life cycle of the butterfly.


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