The Mud Pie Kitchen at the park

I have been very busy at work lately and missing on my quality time with my daughter. On Saturday night, I was just talking to my husband about how busy I have been lately. He suggested us to take our play ideas at the park. That way I do not have to worry about a clean up at home and after the activity. I love this idea and zeroed on the Sunday mornings to have a fun filled time with M.  Here is a list of other activities I am planning for coming Sunday in no chronological order.
1) Mud Pie Kitchen
2) Outdoor easel painting
3) Making Land Art
4) Rainy day fun
5) Alphabet hunt
6) Nature collages
7) The camping trip
more to be added soon…

The Mud Pie Kitchen at the park
Here I am sharing my first play date with my daughter on the very first Sunday of my new series- Sunday Funday. On a Sunday morning, I collected some of M’s kitchen accessories- a fold able kitchen table, gardening tools, measuring cups, pie makers, a 2 ltr water bottle filled with water, watering can. I also took some extra garbage bags to take everything back home.

 We choose a stop with lots of mud. First up was some digging and collecting the mud in a container. M is busy digging. 
Digging and collecting the mud. 

 We added water to the container and made the mud soggy. M also collected some garden ingredients for cooking. The little stone were tuned into Lime!
Here is her first serving- Tea and chocolate Pie.

The first dish and the raw ingredients
The kitchen setup 

 The Kitchen setup was very inviting and cooking in nature was so much fun.

The chef at work

Later we also celebrate Birthday by adding some candles( read sticks) on the top of a pie. The cleanup was super easy. We just collected all the toys and head home and clean them in the kitchen sink. Next time I am thinking of using the garden hose. 

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