Recycle Old Art Eric Carle Style

Happy Birthday Eric Carle!

We love reading Eric Carle books. Our Favorite is the Bad-Tempered Ladybug. Here is a fun activity and craft set around the book.
I setup a Art Prompt on the dining table with glue stick, scissors, googly eyes, round stickers and some old artwork. You can select some old painting made by your kids. I cut them out into some random shapes following the art strokes.

M straightly went for the round stickers( or Bindi in local language). “Mummy, we will make the lobster”she said when I asked her which character from the book that she would like to make.

The Start of something good

Here is how we started by arranging the pieces and putting lots of round stickers on them.

The claws and the eyes in place

Randomly but everything seemed to come in place as if the random pieces were meant to be a lobster.

The tentacles at front

Here is our colorful spotted lobster. I put together all the pieces using a stapler.

The spotted lobster

We went ahead with making some other creatures too. Here is our not-so-perfect Elephant. Daddy thought it was a dog!

The elephant

We had so much fun making some animals for Eric Carle’s Birthday. Eric Carle Style!


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