Fun Pipe-cleaner Fairy Dolls

During our Summer vacations this year, I got a wonderful opportunity to revisit my childhood doll fantasy by visiting the Shankar’s International Doll Museum At Delhi, India. I was waiting for the right opportunity to share the doll love with my 3 year old ‘M’. It was only yesterday that she proposed to make some dolls together. I was so planning to make one with her and was constantly collecting beautiful doll making Ideas on my Pinterest board for Dolls and Doll making. But I had no preparations for the same. What followed was a impromptu fun activity to make Pipe-Cleaner Dolls. 

Now for our Fairy dolls, I first let M made some sketches about how the fairies will look. She has just now acquired a new skill of drawing a figure. Her earlier drawing are mostly faces. I love M coming up with the PLAN. She decided that there will be a wicked fairy too! 

 Here is a step by step instructions at Pink and Green MamaThe dolls face can be made with wooden beads. As we didn’t have some handy, we made the doll faces with the smileys pencil toppers. The hair are made with some silk yarns.

I made some crepe paper(aka tissue papers) cutouts for the skirts. The tops are some stickers from our sticker collection.

Our Fairy Dolls had a wonderful time at the park today. 

That’s our craft table from the night before.

Here are some other wonderful Ideas for making Dolls at home with kids. 

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