A pretend play sandwich set and garden picnic with friends

Today, we had some lovely weather in the evening. Since the rain are coming here soon. Plants and the glass looking more green in anticipation of the rain. The daylight is diffused and everything has a glow about it.Perfect setting for a garden picnic with friends. We had earlier made a sandwich play set with brightly colored foam sheets. It has Cheese, onion, capsicums, lettuce( leaf shaped post-its), tomatoes and carrots. The bread are from a toaster play set we bought from ELC.

M and her friends at the picnic. I should have carried a bigger mat for everyone to sit on. I was in a hurry of clicking pictures as my camera battery was dying.
Here is a better look at the play set with foam tomatoes, capsicum in green, the lettuce post-its, the pink onions.
We even made a menu card. This is in my opinion the best addition to the play set. Drawn by M herself. I gave her foam veggies and she tried to copy everything on to the paper. She also colored the figure. I later added tags to each drawing. All M’s friend were asked about which sandwich they would like. There was a demand for tomatoes and cheese. Some of the kids wanted an ice cream. “Yes, We will do that too”
Kids were very excited to have this special picnic and they want to do this again. Why not! I find this activity perfect for preschooler in several ways.
1) Imaginary play : This is easy to make play set. All you need is some scissors and foam sheets. Its fun to play with too. We have been making sandwiches all week. The Menu card also gives an opportunity for extended Restaurant play.
2) Drawing still life : M had so much to learn while drawing the foam shapes onto the menu. The onions have rings. The capsicum has some seeds in the middle. The cheese is square. The lettuce has a stem. The carrots are purple( I guess because M’s favorite color is purple.)
3) Matching the colors : I asked M to pick up the matching colors to color her menu. This was in itself a learning experience for M.
4) Vocabulary: This was a great vocabulary exercise, where I could ask M about what all goes in the sandwich. She learned names of different vegetable. Also by labeling the items, we are staring with some sight word and word formation.
5) Letter recognition: I even asked M to label the menu card. She selected the letters of her name and pasted onto the cover


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