Two great Water beads Play Ideas

Don’t you simply love the tiny water beads. I simply love the texture, transparency and color of the water beads. I got  some 6 tiny packets of water beads from a local store.

Before I know, we were already playing with them. The first play idea was a little observation at the light table. I included a magnifying glass and a little measuring spoon and we added the water beads in water.

M loved stirring the water with tiny water beads. She even invented a game about stir and stand. We stir the water and then wait for water beads to rest on the spoon. The one with maximum number of beads win.

Second game is called the water bead fishing. Just add the water beads into the bath tub and then fish them out. Other accessories that you can add are a basket, a small tub and some funnels.

M played around with water beads in the bath tub for quite some time. Fishing the beads out using a strainer.

There are some other fun ideas I have planning with water beads for the coming days.


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