Making Marble Suncatchers

In my last post I shared with you our little garden space. Today, I would be sharing the marble sun catcher which I made for this space. It was a bit of an experiment for me. I started by making only one as a start.
All you need is
1) PVA Glue
2) Marbles
3) Clear foil
4 ) A ring or a cake mouldFirstly, spread the clear foil over a surface. Choose a surface where it has to dry undisturbed for about 48hrs.
Now place the cake mold over the clear foil. Add PVA glue and spread evenly throughout the Cake Mold. Now evenly place the marbles onto the PVA glue. We choose green and white ones.

Now all you have to do is to wait for this to dry. Our Sun Catcher needed about 48hr to dry completely. After it is completely dried, You can make a small hole into the section between the marbles. Hang it using white cotton yarn.Your Sun catcher is ready.


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