Keep kids busy while you work

Did you take your kids to work? I don’t but we have been going to office together lately. That is M and Me. Luckily, I work for my Dad’s firm and our office is a second home for M. We do get some time off in between to play and I am sharing the fun we had today.

First, we did some watermelon maths with toothpicks. We picked up one water melon piece, 2 for two watermelon cube, 3 for three watermelon cube and then we ate them all.

We played on the stairs. We took turn to step down the stairs. I am stand on the top of the stairs and M is pointing the number of steps I should come down by showing that many fingers. If she shows 2 fingers, I would step down two stair. Similarly it was M’s turn. This is a nice activity for number recognition and quantities.

M waters the plants everyday at my office. She is learning to take care of the plants and also having loads of fun along the way.

She even played with muddy water from the garden pots making mud pies. Who could have guessed that Office can be so much fun too.


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