7 Tips for making a window sill garden

Fact 1# Can’t get enough of our window sill garden
I am too excited today to share with you the developments on my window sill garden. As you all know I have been working endlessly on our little window sill garden. I promised long ago that I would share the new developments on my garden. Two months ago it all started with theWindow sill garden on a little window on my seventh floor apartment. Then we make a small world with egg cartons adding a splash of color to our space. We also added a fairy swing for the fairies. Rest of the developments  went slower than what I expected but I am quite happy with the new elements we are adding to this beautiful space.

I am sharing with you 7 Tips for making a window sill garden. I hope you like our little space.

Tip 1# The light and shade
Observe the little space that you have and consider the amount of sunshine this space gets. Since its a dry season presently here in Mumbai, India. I added the painted egg carton to give shade to the fairy garden in which we planted wood sorrel and mosses. These plants need shade and plenty of water to grow.

Tip 2# Sun catchers
We made this beautiful sun catcher with marbles and PVA glue. A tutorial to follow soon. The suncatchers add a mystic element to these spaces.  Sun catchers are absolutely must for the garden spaces.

Tip 3# The whistling winds
Nothing is more soothing than a gentle sound of a wind chime. It is a must of the soothing and calming environment at the window sill garden.

 Tip 4# The flowering garden
Its always recommended to add some flowering plants at your garden. It totally lift up the space. This tip was shared by Ali from At home with Ali. I am grateful to her for giving her valuable suggestions and input while I was planning this space. Here is a picture of blossoms from our garden.

Tip 5# Keeping the tools handy
The tools should be kept handy in the garden. Our tool box includes gardening tools like shovel, Spray bottle, watering cans, a small brush to clean the spaces, gloves and a towel to clean the hands.

Tip 6# Try little wind mills
I love wind mills made of colorful papers. They are a favorite part of my little garden.

Tip 7# A little name board
We added a Name plate with our daughters name to our garden. M loves this personalization and she has become a nurturer of this garden.

Blissful Sunday!

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