The Rolling ICE Art

Its Earth Day on Apr 22nd. We are doing simple experiments at home for learning about our planet Earth. In my last post, I had promised a part 2 of the Discovering the Planet Earth series. I could not resist the temptation to share this lovely art project in between.  Its almost like making various views of planet earth and hence it too fits the Earth day theme.
Last time we made some Rolling Egg Art. It is till date the most popular post from my blog.
This time we are making Rolling Ice Art.
Here is what your need-
A filter dish( probably a circular one) You can use a rice strainer or make holes in a Styrofoam plate. Anything which will allow the paint to sip through.

Tempera paints
Ice cubes( let them become a little watery by keeping them outside for some time)

Firstly add tempera paints to the filter dish. We choose the earth theme colors- yellow, violet and green.
Now Roll the ice cubes in the dish. Lift the dish to find the stunning rolling Ice effect.

The Ice moving on the filter actually transfers the colors through the tiny holes onto the paper. The Watery ice mix the colors giving stunning effects. M enjoyed touching and moving the cold ice cube around the filter.

We had beautiful earth from various angles. M also brought some miniature animals to lives on our planet Earth.


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