The Hopping Easter Bunny

M is a big fan of bunnies. She always ask me to make her finger puppet bunny from pipe cleaners. This Hopping Bunny double up as a finger puppet too. These are really esay to make at home and they hop too!
We made this really cool hopping easter bunnies with pipe cleaners, Styrofoam from a fruit packaging and googly eyes. Here is a detailed tutorial about how to do it.

Wrap a pipe cleaner around a jumbo crayon
These will look like a spring when taken off
Draw a Bunny face on the Styrofoam plate and cut in out with scissors
Put pipe cleaner through the Styrofoam bunny to make a fluffy nose of the bunny. Stick googly eyes
Now hold the bunny from both ends and press the bunny vertically.
Now leave both sides together to see it hop in the air.

After playing with the hopping bunny. It was bedtime and M wanted to take her bunnies to bed with her. We made up a bedtime story with Bunny and made up some silly bunny songs like
Can you HOP a little HIGHER!

NIBBLE the Carrot!

And the Bunnies are now sleeping with M. The End


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