Montage Message Board From a CardBoard Box

I love our dear old cardboard box. It makes me want to create. I love the texture and the color of the cardboard. As M’s Spring break starts in next two days. I am gearing up with more Art projects, Experiments and play-pretend to do together. I have enrolled her to start basic basketball and gymnastics. I am planning a skating lesson for her with me in the mornings. I am working bit-by-bit on my Window Sill garden too. Will keep you posted on the same.
Now Getting back to Our Montage Message Board. At this stage of M’s age, She can be called as a Pre-writer. To inculcate writing into her daily life, I am trying new activities and new printable s. As an Adult, When do we write. We write lists, Diaries, Messages, Greeting cards and of course a Blog! but that will come much later. This montage message board is ideal to introduce her to the idea of writing messages to loved ones.

M started by making a paper collage from various paper I had collected in her ” This keeps me busy box” on the cardboard box.

Being a hard cardboard box it can stand like a easel. It was pretty stable, I must add. M ran to get her art supplies from her room. The “This keeps me busy box” had stickers, stencils, foam shapes, patterned papers, shiny gift wrappers, scissors, craft glue. I wrote a message on her message board. Which got her started too.

She wrote this message for her dad and added a heart. And one for me too. She can write a M. Well, both our names starts with M. She pasted heart shaped stickers for everyone in the family including the security guard of our building!

We can do so many more things with this montage board everyday. Make a photo collage maybe! Wherever our imagination will take us.


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