Making an anytime Water Wall in the Bathroom

I had been planning to make a water wall for M for a long time. It loves so much fun for kids and adults alike. Water wall is maze of the tubes/bottles and pipes for playing with water similar to the marble run . Our water wall was made in a jiffy. I just browsed through my store and found few pipes which I didn’t even remember saving. I collected other disjointed items-
Yogurt container
Duct Tape
Some parts of the marble run pipes.
Kids play Saucer
You can also use- used water bottles and various recycled materials around the house.

If you follow my blog, I had mentioned in my earlier posts that I live in a apartment on the seventh floor. So certainly I don’t have backyard to create water wall. So My Water wall was created in the bathroom. I taped the ends of the funnel and the pipes together. Next was taping the pipes to the wall. Now the duct tape can hold the pipes for an hour or so as it gets all wet and it starts to lose its stickiness. But I assure you that its so much fun to rebuilt it and add newer twist to the wall. Initially I did thought about using the suction hooks to hold everything or a pegboard or a grill of some kind. Before I could try my of those. I impulsively decided on using the duct tape. I have already rebuild the water wall twice!

For one of the versions of my water wall. The pipes are placed so that the water falls in steps from one funnel to another funnel and finally fills up the saucer which in turns spill the water in the yoghurt container. Now I asked M to use different container to see which one will get filled first. The Amount of water each will get will depend on the quantity of water she puts in at the start and also the speed with which it falls thought the maze.
I would highly recommend you try this with your kids if not in the backyard, The bathroom is the ideal place to start building one.

Earth day is tomorrow( Apr 22) and our water wall is one of the recycled project that we did to celebrate Earth Day. We also did some experiment to learn more about our planet earth.
You can read all about it here.

How are you celebrating earth day?

Please leave your comment in the post below and let us know about your great ideas about celebrating earth day.


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