Little joys of parenting #3, The awesome questions

I am fascinated by amazing questions that kids ask.
Here are few which my daughter asked recently-

1)  The buzzing bee
She heard some buzzing sound coming out of machine I guess. She prompted ” Mummy, Can you hear the honey bees?”
I told her that it’s probably a machine. She said ” Mummy, it sounds so much like honeybees”. Yes smarty pants it does.

2) Putting learning to use
Another of my awestruck moment was at the swimming pool. M was trying to pull her float in the water and releasing it to make it hop in the air. She had actually taken a lesson from our hopping bunny activity, we did the other day.

3) The Sun and The Moon
My dear M didn’t wanted to go for her afternoon nap. She said “Mummy, There is no moon outside. Its bright outside”. I asked her why its bright outside. She said ” Its because of the Sun, It is bright”. I asked her “what about moon?”. She said ” Moon does not give out the light, it just shines”.
Excuse me. When did I teach your that? was exactly what I thought at that moment.

These are truly the little joys of parenting!


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