Discovering the planet Earth: The Clouds

We are doing a series about discovering the Planet Earth on Experimenting-Mom. I love experiments specially the ones which are impromptu and brings in a lot of learning at the same time.  I had previously explored simple experiments that we can do with our preschoolers to introduce them to nature and discover the planet earth bit by bit.

In this post I am sharing some experiments about discovering the Clouds. Clouds are probably one of the earliest connect of young kids to nature. The babies would look up and point at them. The toddler can notice the black rain clouds and can tell that its about to rain. At the preschooler age( around 3-4 years) they can see an elephant or a ball or other objects in the clouds. Also, here is my little 3 year old learning more about clouds by simple experiments we did today.

I have tried to cover questions like
How the clothes get dry in the sun?
Evaporation: Where does the Water go?
Making the Rain drop.
Why the rainclouds look black?

Part1: How the clothes get dry in the sun?

M loves to go swimming and by mistake, I hadn’t dried her swimsuit and it was still wet. As I was putting it out to dry. I started this conversation with her that lead to all some wonderful experiments during the day.

Me: How do you think the swimsuit will dry if we keep it outside?
M: The Sun makes it dry
Me: Ok. Do you think its hot?
M: Yes

We kept the clothes outside to dry. After sometime I made M touch the swimsuit.
Me: Come touch and see, It is a bit hot. Isn’t it?
M: Yes. Does it get hot because of the sun?
Me: Yes. You are right.

After an Hour
Me: Look. You swimsuit has dried up.
M: Wow! now I can go swim.
The first lesson we learned- THE SUN IS HOT AND IT DRIES THE WATER.

Part 2: Evaporation. Where does the water go?
For explaining her all about the water vapors, I took out the steamer/ humidifier. I showed her how the water level goes down as the steam rises.
Me: Look. The steamer is also hot like sun. It makes the water go into the air as tiny drops.
M: (Fascinated) Mummy! all water go in the air?
Me: Yes, and they become clouds and when they are filled with lots of water, it rains.
M: (Laughs)


Part3: Making the raindrop.

We continued our experiment with a glass jar. The steamer can get really hot so caution is required.
I filled the steam into the container. As the steam got filled in the jar. I closed the lid. Tiny drops appeared inside the jar.
Me: Look. The tiny water vapors have become big drops and they are falling down.

M: (Excited)

Later, I opened the lid to show poured the water onto her hand.
Me: Thats the rain water which makes the puddle.
M: I love to jump in the puddle!


Part 4: Why the Rain cloud is dark?
I used some cotton for illustrating this to M. We spread some cotton onto a tray.

I asked M to drop some water onto one of the cloud using a dropper. As the cotton cloud get saturated with water, it looks darker than the other fluffy clouds.

Me: See! The rain cloud is looking darker because it is filled with water.
M: (Observing)

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I assure you these are very kid friendly experiments and written with preschoolers in mind.

Tune in for more EARTH DAY ( Apr 22nd) Activities and fun learning on this blog throughout this week. Just a reminder don’t forget to check in the EARTH DAY Blog Hop hosted by Mommylabs and Greening Sam and Avery and check out more than 70+ activities for celebrating earth day.                                                               

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