Day 1: Our Window Sill garden

I am so motivated to finish my window sill garden that I had planned for months. What I needed was a inspiration to make it happen. I got plenty in the Garden series posted by Ali at her blog.
Thanks to Ali, I have made considerable process in past two days.

To give you a backgrounder, I live on the 7th floor quite up in the air. The recent course I took at Playful Learning spaces got me started with a window sill garden specially made for my little gardener. I will be sharing my day-by-day progress on my little space.
I would love to receive suggestions from your end to make it even more fun for my daughter.

In the morning, M and me went downstairs to collect soil and some small plants for our little fairy garden. 

 Here is a look at my present place. I had placed one plank over my window sill to create a special gardening section for M. Work is ON!

Just collecting all the materials I can use for this place.

 We planted some moss which was growing in one of my planters in the a little basket we are using for or fairy garden. Along with some little plants we found from neighborhood.

This wooden potato masher  will become a little toadstool after we paint it. Waiting for the plants to grow at their new home.

Here are my favorite places for more inspirations
Garden Series at
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