A Small World Made from Egg Carton

I have become a big fan of Up cycling lately. These Small world accessories have be made using egg cartons and pipe cleaners for our little fairy garden. The molds of the egg carton ( I call them cones) were cut in the desired shapes. M had colored these with her favorite tempera paints.
The little house is made from joining the base of two cones cut from a egg carton. For the top of the house, just invert the cone. The little fairy can come out by lifting the top. I also added some detailing by adding a little bell on the top of the house.
The mushroom is made by an inverted cone and a small egg carton cone bundled into a rectangular shape for the base. The spot are made from pasting the wasted paper dot from the punch machine.
The Basket is made from a cone cut from the egg carton and the handle is made from a  green pipe cleaner.

The flower is also cut from the cone and the steam is made from a pipe cleaner.This little Play garden has become an important part of M’s imaginative play. Next up is the Swings she wants to setup for her fairies. Which might become my next addition to her play space.

We are Submitting this post for the Tinker Lab Creative challenge hosted by Rachelle @Tinkerlab

Its a Fun creative challenge and this time the theme is Egg carton. We also participated in the last challenge- paper bags in January. We made some Handcrafted bangles and a Play hut from paper bag.


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